Dr. Jekyls Hydes - Original Leather Works by Tom AccordinoPlease Visit Our on-line store!

We have many designs to choose from,
and specialize in custom orders.

  • Hand crafted, original leather designs
  • Leather Wrist wraps
  • Leather Bracelets
  • Leather Wrist Bands
  • Leather Guitar Straps
  • Men’s and Women’s Leather belts
  • Leather Pet Collars
  • Leather Bags
  • Leather Biker Vests / Clothes
  • Wide selection of Unique Belt Buckles

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Welcome to DR. Jekyl’s Hydes.

DR. Jekyl’s Hydes was established in 1970 in Upstate New York by Tom Accordino.

Our leather works are all hand crafted, hand tooled,
and are all original designs.

Hand Crafted Leather Pet Collars
Hand Crafted Leather GuitarStraps
Please Visit Our on-line store!

Our Leather is sold On-Line  Exclusively at WickedSkulls.com

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